If your vehicle started to coming bad smell or poor Air conditions, no one wants to ride with you.! The solution to the problem may be as easy as changing your vehicle’s cabin air filter. It keeps the air inside your vehicle fresh which means that you and your passengers can breathe easy.

You should change your cabin air filter in every 20,000 km. If you drive in heavily polluted city areas or dusty roads, you should clean filters by every 2,000 km. it’ll be easy to keep clean it very well.

Changing your vehicle’s cabin air filter is an easy job that most anyone can do own. Let’s see How to do it step by step.

This video explain how to changing or cleaning Cabin Air Filter in my SsangYong Rexton clearly. Otherwise, step by step is show down below.

Step 01

Find your car’s cabin air filter. The location of the cabin air filter is behind the glove box or under the dashboard. Your vehicle’s owner manual will also tell you where it is located. You can search on the Google to get some hint to where it is found if unclear.

Step 02

When you have located the cabin air filter location, remove the clips, screws or wing nuts that hold the housing in place. Take off the cover and then remove the filter. Check carefully. Because, some vehicles have two filters. When you get the filter you can guess, if it needs to clean or replace. If it is got black color time has come to replace. If filter is needs to clean, clean by vacuum cleaner both sides of filter.

Step 03

Before reposition the filter again, clean the filter housing compartment very well by vacuum cleaner. Take a rag and wipe the inside housing compartment, if you can reach there.

Step 04

Put the cabin air filter in again. (NOTE: be sure you install the filter with the correct air flow direction).

Step 05

Place the housing cover back on, putting any screws or clips you took off back on. If you had to remove the glove box or dashboard to get to the cabin air filter, put it back in place by reversing the steps you used to take it off.

 You’ll feel good knowing that you saved money not paying to anyone. Keep your mind well to do this again in next 2,000km.

Watch our below video to if you have any unclear area.

Thank you.

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