The SsangYong Kyron is one of the most popular, affordable and midsize SUV in Sri Lanka. But, some owners say that the “transmission unit is getting problems”. So let’s talk about that and basic symptoms as well as possible solution.

This vehicle comes with two transmission units with the Mercedes-Benz technology for manual transmission and auto transmission. It’s 5 speed and 6 speed. Google said that the 5 speed vehicle was manufactured for Korea and the 6 speed was exported to other countries. Mostly 6 speed vehicles available in my country (Sri Lanka) and few numbers of 5 speed vehicle. However, when a 6-speed Auto Transmission kyron drives over 100,000 km, it is mostly likely to become a gear jerk. But the 5 speed Auto transmission unit never comes up with such a problem. Let’s look at the basic features of that problem.

Basic Symptoms

The Basic Symptoms that distinguish are the shifting of the gear from one gear to another with a jerk. Most of the time it happens when changed from 3rd gear to 4th gear. It is quite difficult to overtake another vehicle. Sometimes other gears may have the same issue.

Possible Solutions

First we can solve the problem with a TCU (Transmission Control Unit) software update. But, it is early in the Symptoms or even before the initial signs. For this, it will cost around $40. If the TCU software update cannot be made (as determined by the technician) the gearbox needs to be repaired. Cost around $750. Otherwise, you can replace a 6 speed recondition transmission unit around $ 1,000.

If you have an Auto Transmission 6 speed SsangYong Kyron vehicle, to avoid this problem in the transmission unit, change the transmission fluid every 40,000 km and update the TCU software. These measures can reduce the risk of getting problem in a 6 speed transmission unit.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Basic symptoms and solutions of SsangYong Kyron (D20DT) 6-speed Automatic Transmission unit jerk

  1. Hi, can you please tell me exactly what this update procedure is called, and what is involved in regards to this software update for the DSI 6 speed m78 transmission?… For example software version, dates, or where more information can be found in the workshop manual ECT…

    I have been to our local SsangYong dealer, and explained the symptoms of flare between 3rd and 4th and that there is apparently a software update that could help, only to be told (without looking at the car) that there are no updates for this vehicle.
    Any info would be appreciated
    Many thanks


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