If we maintain our vehicle properly, carefully and without any hassle, it also treats us in same manner. Never, makes you desperate & don’t make wasting time in repair centers for unnecessary things. Today, I’m going to tell you about some essential tips to be followed and cared about the most.

Don’t accelerate to high RPM, As soon as you start.

When you start your vehicle in the morning or kept it stopped for a long time, accelerate slowly. First 10 – 20 minutes drive slowly until vehicle comes up to the working temperature. Otherwise, it’ll reduce the lifetime of the engine. Specially, when, you are in a cold weather area.

When stop in the traffic lights, Shift into Neutral.

Usually, we apply the brakes and stay at the traffic lights on drive position. That means the vehicle is trying to move forward and we are forcing to stop. That is not good for transmission unit of the vehicle. Always try to shift to the neutral position and apply the brakes.

Avoid quick acceleration & sudden braking

Practicing quick acceleration & sudden braking as a habit in driving is unnecessary and risky. Always use to accelerate & apply brakes gradually. If you care about your vehicle so much, always keep it in mind. That’s really harmful to the vehicle as well as the road users.

Careful driving can increase lifetime of tires

Follow the speed limit signs on road side. Then, you can stops slowly in an emergency situation. Always keep on mind that the tires are so expensive.

Don’t turn your steering wheel all the way for long.

Especially, when we get U-Turn or turn back your vehicle, need to turn the steering wheel to the end. Then, don’t hold it for more than 2 – 3 second. It’s not good for the Power Steering Pump.

Thank you.

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